Rebuilding Sanal’s home

Sanal is an eighteen year old boy from Chariyamthuruth, near Kadamakudy, Kerala, India.  His house is destroyed during the Kerala flood 2018. After his tenth standard with 70% marks, he is learning plumbing with the only ambition of standing on his own legs as fast as possible. He stays in his house along with his mother who is not mentally stable and with his father who is a coconut plucker. The condition of his house is very sad. It can collapse any time. A core group of five local women brought this story to public with a Facebook video. Today we (Sanesh Paul, Lijoe Chakiath and Me) visited the house and verified the conditions and found it as one of the most eligible cases which need support. We are knocking at your doors once again to support this cause. We will ensure absolute transparency into the project through daily progress updates and accounts.

Make a donation 

While making the donation mention the reason as ‘Rebuilding Sanal’s Home’

Funds received so far : Rs. 7200

Spent: Nil

Project progress: Initiation 

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