Our story

During the Kerala floods 2018, the ground floor of our home was submerged neck deep. My wife, daughter, her 28-day-old son and our dog were lucky to escape at the right time. Thankfully, we could stay in our relative’s house. While our losses due to the flood are not small, we are grateful to have a home to go back to as the structure remained strong.
Unfortunately, many are in a worse situation. Either their entire home has been destroyed or the buildings are weak and unsafe to live in.
Watching Abhilash Nandhu’s video requesting for help to rebuild his home (a shack in which he, his wife, two kids and his mother were living in), which was totally destroyed during the floods, I couldn’t sit idle. I requested for help to rebuild his house on the social media, and like minded people started contributing by way of funds and physical work. The construction is still in progress and we are immensely satisfied.
And it is not just Abhilash and his family who are facing tough times. There are others, too. They all need help. We will ensure that your contributions reach the most deserving at the fastest. We will update you with the project progress on a daily basis through this page. These projects will be handled most professionally with complete transparency.
Let’s join hands and build roofs of hope and walls of strength so that we can overcome – together.

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